A Collector’s Perspective

A Sensory Walk through the Rain Forests
A Collector’s Perspective
Tan Soon Soo (Mrs) Private Collector

Terence Teo is an avid promoter of local art Various local works have a place in his gallery. His eloquence in detailing the nuances of each piece of local work in his gallery underlies his passion and exuberance for the local art scene. ft is appropriate that he finally takes the plunge to walk the talk and makes a personalised direct contribution to the art scene by showcasing his artistic talent with Rain Forests in Colours..

I expect to see the same passion and exuberance in his works that he applies to promotion of the works of others. He does not disappoint He gives much more than that; and in his usual eloquent style but non-verbally, he “talks” to you about his works and his experiences through the themes he gives to each different grouping of his pieces: Passion, Mystery Romance, Refreshing, Fantasy and Vibrancy.

Refreshing indeed is Terence’s Rain Forests. Feel the vivid colours yet cool and soothing. Feel the coolness of the forests as W after the rain has come and gone. Walk down the path and be swarmed with brilliant vibrant hues. We are in the tropics with year long summer and feel the strong sunlight bursting through the rain forests in streaks of different hues. Walk on, the colours lose a little of their brilliance but no less radiant and we are led to landscapes where the mood is idyllic and ripe for romance. Keep moving on and we do not know what we may find. The views become more hazy and there is mystery in the air and it is for our fantasy to shape where we want to go and along the way we chance upon scenes which Terence wants us to feel the passion in his creation of them. ft has been a beautiful walk through the rain forests.

But it is not just colours that define Terence’s art. ft is the subject matter and how he manages to let us see the subject matter in abstraction without losing the subject to the abstract. His paintings carry an array of brushstrokes, seemingly casual but on closer scrutiny painstakingly executed, The versatility of the brushstrokes gives range to the various expressions of rain forests amid the richly layerings of colours, a style uniquely his.

There is this Chinese saying “yuan zai tian bian, jing zai yan qian”. It means what you have been searching afar is in fact right at your doorstep. I am glad that Terence in his search for artistic talents has finally found the gem in himself. We have a home grown artist to call Singapore’s own to add depth and breadth to our local art scene.

Mrs Tan Soon Soo is a private Singapore collector. She is Director& CEO of KCKCorpS.rva Pt. Ltd

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