An Introduction

Terence Teo
An Introduction  

Terence Teo draws inspiration from his experience of nature in all the richness of the seasons. His
paintings are a record and representation of his observations and experiences of the natural environment
that surrounds him. Through his work, he attempts to bring across the play of luminosity
and reflection using techniques that he has developed over the years. In his early conservative
landscape works, one can notice Teo’s strong lines and mastery of positive and negative space.
His Rain Forest Series shows off Teo’s confident layering technique and his ability to push boundaries
of traditional landscape painting. Romance of Shangri-la, among other series produced on
Teo’s frequent travels for inspiration represents his constant endeavors to present the beauty of
his experiences as paintings. Flow of Nature, the latest series of works, is a culmination of the development
of his artistic techniques and philosophy thus far. The paintings evoke a sense of
movement and dynamism in the environment we encounter. His unique creations have received
compliments from art lovers.

Terence Teo
Singapore | 1953 

1980 Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art
2006 First Prize, Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award, Singapore Art Society
2010 President of The Singapore Art Society (2010 – present)

2013 Asia Art Award, Asia Invitation Art Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
2012 The Singapore Selection of the Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2012, Singapore
2006 First Prize, Chinese Ink Painting category, “Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award, Singapore Art

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2014 Symphony of the Rainforest, Artredot, Singapore Art Fair 2014, Suntec Singapore
Convention and Exhibition Centre
2011 The Colour of Rain Forests, Charity Solo Exhibition, Driven and
Organized by Asia Culture Centre and Art House, Singapore
2009 1st Solo Exhibition, The Romance in Shangri-La: Ink Paintings by Terence Teo,
[email protected], Singapore

Selected Group Exhibitions
2014 Impressionist Contemporary, Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery, ION ART, Orchard,
2013 Asia Invitation Art Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
2012 The Fifth Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing, China
2011 Re-Interpretation – Contemporary Chinese Ink-And-Wash Paintings Exhibition, Berlin,
2010 Flow in Nature • Tropical Rainforest • Dance’s Rhythm: The Colour of RainForests – Recent
Paintings by Terence Teo, (Trio – show), [email protected], Singapore
2009 Exploring The Boundary – Large paintings by 12 artists From Singapore & Malaysia 2009, \
[email protected], Singapore – and – SGM Culture Centre, KL, Malaysia
2008 Asia In Focus, Taipei, Taiwan
2003 GAM Exhibition, Chubu, Japan
1994 Huangshan Tour Exhibition, China
1992 Five Artists from Singapore Art Exhibition, China

新加坡 | 1953

1980 毕业于南洋艺术学院美术设计系
2006 为中华美术研究会会长 (2006 – 2009)
2010 新加坡艺术协会会长 (2010 -⾄至今)

2012 Sovereign亚洲艺术奖 ,新加坡2012
2006 获得陈之初博⼠士美术奖彩墨画⾸首奖

2014 “赵振强 现代新⽔水嚜 •⾬雨林交向”,Artredot, 新達城新加坡國際會議展覽中⼼心
2011 “热带⾬雨林的风采”慈善义展,新加坡艺术之家
2009 “赵振强⽔水墨画展 • ⾹香格⾥里拉的浪漫”,新加坡新闻与艺术部雅殿

2014 當伐印象,邚望的画廊,ION ART,乌节路,新加坡
2013 菁彩百汇,华美术研究会会员作品展,義安⽂文化中⼼心,新加坡
2012 第五届中国北京国际美术双年展
2011 “⽔水墨再现”,柏林中国⽂文化中⼼心,柏林,德国
2010 秋⼭山 • ⾬雨林 • 舞韵 – 三⼈人画展:“热带⾬雨林的风采”– 赵振强⽔水墨画展,
2009 “探索极限”- 12新马画家⼤大型作品,新加坡新闻与艺术部雅殿
“探索极限”- 12新马画家⼤大型作品,马来西亚创价协会,吉隆坡
2008 参加台北的“亚洲聚情”美展
2003 “GAM”⽇日本美展
1994 于中国黄⼭山旅游展
1992 五画家新加坡艺术美展,中国